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Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Services in TALLAHASSEE

Skilled Tallahassee Attorney Representing Clients In Florida Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Services Licensing Cases

The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) regulates a variety of differing agricultural industries. It is also responsible for issuing licenses for concealed weapons, private investigators, private security personnel, and recovery and possession professionals. If you need help with a FDACS licensing issue, the capable team at H. Richard Bisbee P.A. can help you move forward.

Common Agriculture & Consumer Services Licensing Issues

In addition to helping our clients obtain the proper FDACS licenses needed for your job, H. Richard Bisbee P.A. also handles cases pertaining to:

  • Allegations of negligence, misconduct, fraud, etc.
  • Formal & informal complaints
  • Notices of intent to deny
  • Notices of investigation
  • Emergency suspension orders
  • Preliminary audit letters
  • Compliance violations
  • Fines & fees
  • License probation, suspension, & revocation

Protecting Your Right To Work

At our firm, we know how important it is to be able to work in the field you want. After all, life is too short and we spend too much of our time working to give up on an employment dream due to a licensing issue. We can help you file all of the appropriate paperwork, appeal a license denial, respond to an investigation, or whatever else needs done to clear this roadblock.

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H. Richard Bisbee P.A. serves clients in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas in legal matters pertaining to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. If you need help with a licensing or violations issue, contact our firm today at (850) 386-5300.