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Licensing, Business, Administrative & Civil Law in Tallahassee

Established Business, Administrative & Civil Law Attorney Proudly Serving Clients Throughout Florida

For over four decades, the law firm of H. Richard Bisbee P.A. has been representing individuals and businesses within and outside Florida, successfully resolving their Florida related legal issues. Our firm’s primary areas of practice include licensing, administrative, regulatory, and business law. We also represent individuals and businesses in civil and administrative litigation.

If you or your company have business, licensing, administrative, or regulatory issues, our firm is committed to listening carefully to your goals and concerns and assisting you with making prudent decisions to resolve your legal issues as timely and as economically as possible. No matter what the specifics of your case may be, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Licensing & Administrative Law

There are a number of issues that can arise when it comes to licensing and administrative matters. If you’ve encountered difficulties with your professional license, or if you need trusted legal guidance during an administrative hearing, we are here to help you navigate the process and obtain a favorable outcome.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes, disputes cannot be solved through strongly-worded letters or collaborative negotiations. Whether someone is suing you or you need to take legal action against another party that has wronged you, we are here to represent your best interests in court and ensure that you walk away from this dispute with a sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Business Litigation

There are so many intricate aspects to running a business, and it’s natural for disputes to arise from time to time. If we are unable to help you settle the issue through negotiation or mediation, we’ll represent you in court and confidently guide you through the litigation process.

H. Richard Bisbee P.A. provides effective legal counsel to clients throughout Northern Florida in the areas of licensing law, business litigation, administrative law, and civil litigation. Call our Tallahassee office today at (850) 386-5300 to arrange a consultation with a seasoned and trusted attorney.